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Aurea Care Medical Science Journal is an online scientific journal targeted towards doctors, nurses, pharmacists, researchers, and other employees in the healthcare sector who wishes to educate themselves in the science of medical cannabis and the physiology of the endocannabinoid system.

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Patient stories

“I was off the medicine for a few weeks, the pain didn’t come back until maybe 4 days, and after a week I was in so much pain. I was shocked how it could have hurt so much before. I could barely do anything because of the pain I was experiencing. It made me realize how amazing these oils are, they really helped ease my pain.” – Roddy.
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“I told her how I was feeling and that I really couldn’t take all these pills I was prescribed anymore, because it felt like I wasn’t going to live anymore. It felt like the pills were slowly killing me. Once I contacted the clinic, I didn’t have too high hopes. There was never a thought that I would ever be pain-free again.” – Natalie. Read more..

“Medical cannabis made my bladder not become as spastic and spasmodic as quickly as before. It meant that I did not have the same risk of the urine entering the kidneys. I was also able to hold more fluid in the bladder between times when I went to the toilet, after all, it has made my everyday life much easier to live for. Then I avoid this mental anxiety that an accident will happen all the time”- Felicia. Read more..

“Now I don’t use a wheelchair or a walker, plus I’ve lost 13 kg in 2.5 months since I stopped taking other medications and started medical cannabis. I can play and be present for my son, which was impossible before.

Now I work 100% and I also weld in my spare time as I help my husband fix a lot on his car. It’s like night and day compared to how it was.” – Eva. Read more..

“On fentanyl, for example, I felt like a zombie. I couldn’t hold a job or take responsibility for anything. My whole life fell apart.

The doctor I have wants to learn more about cannabis and thinks it’s great that I’ve been helped so much. I see a change from how it has been before.” – Mikael. Read more..

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